Window OS Installation error


When performing a full install or re-install of Windows 7 you may receive an error “Windows setup could not configure to run on this computer’s hardware” right after or during the “Complete Installation” state of the process.  The installation process will not continue past the error.  If you restart the computer, the install process will arrive back at the same error with no further progress.  Steps to take to resolve the issue that are tested and confirmed to work are as follows:

Windows 7

  1. At the error screen, press Shift+F10 to open a command prompt.
  2. Type cd\ and press enter
  3. Type cd c:\windows\system32\oobe and press enter.
  4. Type msoobe and press enter.  The installation process should now automatically continue.
  5. Remove the installation media and the system should finish the installation and boot into Windows.

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